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Why Work With Us
Love-Space Tech

We’re not another online directory of singles.  Through our custom quiz, application process, targeting, and nurturing technology, we gather vital information on each prospect to introduce them to the proper firm they exclusively match with.

All leads are delivered to you in real-time.


Matchmaker Match is the opposite of a generic portal site.  The leads are exclusively yours. Add them to your database and CRM to pitch them, coach them, match them, whatever you wish...

No one else is getting this lead!


Our proprietary tech and intelligent marketing technology creates cost and quality advantages that we can excitingly pass on to our partners. For firms that qualify, we offer attractive packages, reliable inbound lead flow, and the highest volume of qualified prospects.

How We Work

It’s difficult finding qualified leads for your business.

Untargeted portal sites offer leads that are recycled, unverified, unaware, or just flat out uninterested in your brand.

We’re the opposite.

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Only Interested Leads

Through our network of qualified matchmakers, coaches, counselors, therapists, and influencers, we are proactively arming singles with the resources they need to confidently prepare for matchmaking and coaching.  

We ask our network daily: “Would you like to speak to a Matchmaker or Date Coach?” Anyone that does completes our proprietary Match Quiz.

Application Process

At this stage of the funnel we have an industry shattering conversion rate of 87%!

Upon completion of the Match Quiz, if their answers line up with your firm’s qualifications, they will be introduced to your firm via a thank you page that is customized to your brand.

Nurturing Engagement

Our team will then reach out to the prospect instantaneously to verify and warm up the lead to your brand's specifications before they reach out to you directly. We work hand-in-hand with your team to send these leads to your phone, email, and/or integrate directly into your CRM so you can respond to the interested prospect in real-time. 

Our partners that have implemented this step into their sales funnel have seen an increase in conversions up to 70%!

Exclusive, Verified & Guaranteed

Our Exclusive No-Ghost Guarantee, means that you only pay for leads that are exclusive to you, with verified contact information and ready to hear about your company's services.

Because of our volume, unmatched customer support, and innovative lead qualifying technology, we are the premiere provider of qualified matchmaking and coaching leads.

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About Us

After working with two of the largest, most well-known matchmaking firms in the country, Celebrity Matchmaker, Nationally Published Date Expert, and Matchmaker Review's founder Alisa Purifico was exhausted from spending countless hours with unqualified prospects. She was also shocked to see just how little unbiased, and honest information existed for consumers seeking proper matchmaking and dating resources. 

Soon thereafter, Alisa launched Matchmaker Review to provide consumers with clear guidance, research, and education to help them through their matchmaker and coaching selection process as well as provide a simpler, targeted customer acquisition platform for the matchmakers and coaches themselves.

Matchmaker Review Founder, Alisa Purifico

What Makes Us Different?

Matchmaker Match is not a Matchmaking Firm.  We have a network of coaches, therapists, counselors & influencers with clients asking where and how to “meet a qualified professional”. Our volume of lead flow has made us the gold standard in connecting your team with ready to buy, qualified prospects.

Think of us as your dedicated digital experts who spend every day proactively testing the ever-evolving methods of generating cost-effective leads, so you can focus on servicing your prospects instead of acquiring them. 

Of course, we will also wow you with how we are the ONLY partner able to deliver you both quality and quantity, how our lead and nurture technology attracts the most serious prospects, and why no verification system screens more accurately than ours. 

Let us specialize in cost-effective lead generation for your firm so you can focus on servicing your current and future clients. We’ll prove to be the most important and profitable partnership for your company’s growth. So Let’s talk! We will help you analyze your current lead source, discuss your target demographics, and help you choose a plan at a budget that works for you.

Start getting better leads! Contact us to get the conversation started. We can’t wait to help you grow your business.

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